The BCDC Commission met on March 15th to consider the Enforcement Committee’s recommended enforcement decision, including a proposed Cease and Desist Order.

There were almost 30 speakers at the hearing, the majority were Friends of Westpoint Harbor who shared personal knowledge about facts of the conditions at the harbor that refute the allegations and others brought up concerns with BCDC’s process.

Friends of Westpoint Harbor also gave the BCDC a copy of their petition and analysis of allegations that were recently submitted to the State Auditor, legislators, and governor.

Commissioner Dave Pine spoke highly of the harbor and expressed thoughts that there was common ground between BCDC and Westpoint Harbor.

The Commission voted unanimously to return the flawed CDO back to the enforcement committee.

The public statements were powerful and effective, and it seemed many Commissioners had not actually studied this complicated matter. One did, Commissioner Pine, and he courageously spoke of the value of Westpoint Harbor. We don’t yet know when the Enforcement Committee will meet to consider the remand. Chairman Wasserman and Commissioner Pine expressed hope that BCDC staff and Westpoint Harbor will consider ways to resolve the disputes before the Enforcement Committee meets again.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the amazing support and incredible efforts of Friends of Westpoint Harbor and the thousands who helped shine light on what is going on. Your work and actions on behalf of Westpoint Harbor have made a remarkable difference, and I feel the tide is finally turning.” — Mark Sanders

Missed the commission meeting on March 15? Listen to the full audio on the Friends of Westpoint Harbor website.