Friends of Westpoint Harbor have united and invite you to lend your support by signing a petition to the following:

  • Call on BCDC to dismiss ALL allegations and proposed fines against Westpoint Harbor.
  • Call on the California legislature and State Auditor to investigate the activities of BCDC enforcement actions and sky-high fines.
  • Support the rights of equal access to the Bay for ALL relevant water-oriented recreation groups.
  • Enlist an independent, fair, objective and knowledgeable agency to review this case, and shine a light on this aberrant behavior.

Time is short, and the clock is ticking.  Do we want to see a beautiful marina damaged or even destroyed by the wayward actions of BCDC?  We’re calling all boaters, sailors, rowers, paddlers, anglers and environmentalists to act now and stand up against these abusive tactics by an agency that was intended to serve the public interest!

Please join the fight by signing here ( and share the petition with your network. On behalf of Westpoint Harbor and the Friends of Westpoint Harbor, thank you!